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Mechanical Creatures

We have taught bicycles to walk!

A performance between art installation and mobile theater.
An act of the type “We’ve never seen that before!”

An installation made from recycled bicycles that has come to life.
It visualises the successful combination of technical progress and upcycling in times of scarce resources as well as the do-it-yourself mentality and the romance of adventure.

Slowly they pass by. Sprockets rotate, chains clank, metallic eyes gleam. Unusually dressed shepherds try to keep the Herd of Mechanical Creatures on course. Pasture change, cattle drive or the way to the slaughterhouse? Towards a sustainable future?

A nostalgic hymn to the days of mechanisation, when automation was still visible, understandable and comprehensible. But also to times when farm animals were still part of the street scene.

The performance generates impulses for reflections!

Technology, robotics, electric mobility, sustainability, upcycling, future.

A walking act where the performing arts meets visual art.
A snatch of deceleration, slowness and durability.
The unique performance will amaze your audience.

Excited reactions all over Europe!

“almabtrieb” and “weidewechsel”

The animals stand inside a small wooden fence and move minimally. They can be seen and admired by the audience. In between, the shepherds open the barrier and lead the herd to another “pasture” or back into the enclosure.

Ceremonial driving down of cattle from the mountain pastures into the valley in autumn.

Changing pastures, e. g. in the alps.



Numbers: 3-8 animals mit 2-5 shepards

Duration: 2 x 60 minutes oder 3 x 40 minutes

Technical Rider: Available

Genre: performance, mobile theater, art installation, object theater

Schedule: walking act, almabtrieb, weidewechsel, tierschau im gehege

Occasion: gala, commercial event, incentive, exhibition, music hall, street festival, street theatre festival, private event, birthday party, wedding, jubilee, carnival

Language: Hertesch (Invented dialect of the shepherds, English

Note: Thank you very much for all our helpers and donators. You will find a list of them here in the imprint.