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Happy Waiting

An old english phone box or a bus stop

Happy Waiting is an interactive art installation on the subject of waiting.

At a specially constructed Bus Stop or Telephone Box, waiting guests can dial a telephone number and enter an interactive telephone radio play on the theme of waiting. The callers learn about the history of the waiting loop, have themselves put on hold during a siesta or can listen to a medley of the most beautiful waiting songs.

In a relaxing area next to the installation, guests can relax, talk on the phone with their personal waiting advisor, spend time in the hotline or in the waiting app and then write a postcard to themselves that will be sent after 3, 6 or 12 months.

The hotline menu offers numerous options.

>>> Having a break and “wait” for yourself
>>> Make a phone call to your personal waiting advisor
>>> Have a link for the waiting app sent to you
>>> Tips on how to use your time efficiently
>>> Wasting time

Everything comes to a good end for those who can wait!

A production of “Servicepioniere” and “foolpool”.

Neanderland Biennale 2021 – A reportage (in German)

Our performance was filmed as part of the theatre festival “Neanderland Biennale 2021”.
Many thanks for the great video to:
— Janina Felchner, neanderland / Kreis Mettmann, Office for culture and tourism

— Siegersbusch Film, Jeuckens/Windus GbR, Wuppertal, www.siegersbusch.de


More Informations

Number of actors: 2

Duration: Up to 6 hours. The players take turns in supporting the installation. The telephonehotline can be reached non-stop at your event

Content of the Hotline: By default, approx. 20 minutes of sound and text material are stored. However, you can help design the hotline according to your own wishes: In addition to the existing radio play elements, store important information about your event that you want to communicate to your guests via mobile phone call

Content of the Waiting-App: Videos, poems, radio plays, guest contributions by Wigald Boning, Eckart von Hirschausen, among others

Language: German or English by default. French possible. The hotline can also be produced in other languages on request and at an extra charge

Many thanks to the Cultural Office of Paderborn and the Cultural Office of the City of Schwerte for their support in the development of the project