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The ISO 9001 Agents

We force your guests to enjoy themselves!

The FSTF (Foolpool Special Task Force) for difficult tasks and for stepping in quickly at your event.
No task is too difficult for our “Gourmetnators”, no operation too absurd.
With this program your event easily gets the certificate for ISO 9001.

Special equipment and gimmicks a la James Bond

As inspectors for excellent service, superb food and totally satisfied customers they control everything!

With the help of the quality-management-manual they check through the situation, changing if its necessary.
The ISO 9001 agents entertain and pamper your guests.

Always humorous, surprising and absolutely tasteful they easily manage to fulfill and exceed the average requirements and regulations for successful events.

The ISO 9001 agents are personifications of increased performance.



Numbers: 2-4 actors

Condition: Cold or warm buffet. Self service is the best choice.

Genre: entertainment, comedy, walking act, animation, comedy-waiter, comedy-steward

Schedule: walkact, the ISO 9001 agents

Occasion: gala, commercial event, incentive, fair, exhibition, private event, birthday party, wedding, jubilee, promotion

Language: english, french, italian, german