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The Superheroes

A powerful parody on super heroes

The saviours of the service wasteland!

Coming out of the blue these Superheroes jet around on their hot rods to thoroughly save the world – comical collateral damage is all inclusive.

They flash into action at cyberspeed in a case of emergency and give a volunteer from the audience a new hairstyle and a free laughing wellness massage.

The crowning finale of the action show by the three high-flyers is a high tech rocket launched into space to boldly go where none has gone before.

Slapstick. Props gags. Scurrile characters

The Superheroes are the water bottle in a world deserted of any service.

They eagerly share what they have to offer. It is a crazy powerful comedy show giving a hilariously close insight into the exciting everyday life of Superheroes.

Internationally understandable.



Numbers: 3 actors

Genre: entertainment, comedy, parody on super heroes

Schedule: show acts on variete (2×7 minutes), stage (20 minutes, can be split up, too) or street show (circleshow, 30 minutes); full evening´s program in combination with the “Chaos Circus Comedy Show”

Occasion: gala, commercial event, incentive, exhibition, music hall, street festival, street theatre festival, private event, birthday party, wedding, jubilee, carnival, promotion

Language: almost no language required. German, English, Italian, French