The Quassler

The Jabbers – The Gabblers

Big looks. Strange voices.
Always in the centre of the action.
They are not from here… this is what they know already.
But they are curious about the place where they have landed…
and this is what they and you don`t know!

Where they come from nobody can tell. Couriously they explore everything that is new and alien to them. Are you watching them or are you rather being watched yourself? Who is taking a photograph of whom? Anything is examined in detail.

Many questions are being asked. But you don`t understand a word. By the way, which language is used by these aliens with their strange voices? They come in peace!

For “The Quassler” some things that seem to be usual to us are sensational. If they are interested in something, they watch it and take photos of it. These alien tourists also enjoy taking photos of a group of new friends.

Comedy – walkact of an alien tourist group with a fictional language and electronically alienated voices.


2-5 actors

Genre: entertainment, comedy, walking act, mask theater

Schedule: walkact, exhibition walking act, photoshooting, eye-catcher, attention-getter, contacts

Occasion: gala, commercial event, incentive, fair, exhibition, music hall, street festival, street theatre festival, private event, birthday party, wedding, jubilee, carnival, promotion, get-togheter

Language: international – nonverbal (fictional language, electronically alienated)

I gab, therefore i am.