The Gentlemen

Some call them machos,
others think they are Mafiosi.
Several people even regard them as bodyguards.
In fact they are all of it – and yet they are gentlemen.

Sofisticated and elegant,
they stand out by their size.
And they are charming!

Machos or Mafiosi? Womanizer or Men in Black? Each of them is the very picture of a man. Elegantly they move between the guests, charming.

Without speaking but with a lot of  humorous communication: They have more to say than you might have expected: Have we met before? Don´t worry! May I have the pleasure of the next dance? Young man, you want to pop this power-pill?

A humorous walking act, entrance-situation, bodyguards, vip-special or fotoshooting with your guests – our 2,20m giants are alway cool and nonchalant.


2-7 actors
Hight of the Gentlemen: 2,20m
Normal ceiling and door height enough

Genre: entertainment, comedy, walking act

Schedule: walkact, exhibition walking act, entrance, bodyguards, vip-service, photoshooting, eye-catcher, attention-getter

Occasion: gala, commercial event, incentive, fair, exhibition, music hall, street festival, street theatre festival, private event, birthday party, wedding, jubilee, carnival, promotion

Language: international – nonverbal

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