The Service Superheroes

A powerful parody on super heroes

The new foolpool show is an absurd comedy of errors.

Coming out of the blue these Superheroes jet around on their hot rods to thoroughly save the world – comical collateral damage is all inclusive.

They flash into action at cyberspeed in a case of emergency . Volunteers of the audience don´t just get a brand new racy hairstyle, but a healthy full scale wellness laugh for free as well. The crowning finale of the action show by the three high-flyers is a high tech rocket launched into space to boldly go where none has gone before.

The Service Superheroes are the water bottle in a world deserted of any service. They eagerly share what they have to offer. It is a crazy powerful comedy show giving a hilariously close insight into the exciting everyday life of Superheroes.

What you should know about the show

An interactive show – to participate in the show and in the fun getting super-serviced.
The performance is designed as physical theatre with a lot of visual slapstick, fooling around with props and bizarre characters. There is almost no need for any spoken language.

Entertaining the audience is the central idea.


Three actors
Please ask for our “technical rider”
Performing as a walkact is also possible (on demand)

Genre: entertainment, comedy, parody on super heroes

Schedule: show acts on variete (2×6 minutes), stage (20 minutes, can be split up, too) or street show (circleshow, 30 minutes); full evening´s program in combination with the “Chaos Circus Comedy Show”

Occasion: gala, commercial event, incentive, exhibition, music hall, street festival, street theatre festival, private event, birthday party, wedding, jubilee, carnival, promotion

Language: almost no language required. German, English, Italian, French

Good service is the definition of the marketing department.