The Circus Comedy Show

Cheeky, direct and without a doubt!

From breath taking juggling to neck breaking acrobatics,
from eccentric comedy to unexpected improvisation,
from volunteering audiences to hot fire shows,
see what we have prepared for you this time.

A speedy circus show with puns, acrobatics, juggling,  volunteering audience and verbal jokes.
Depending on the time and place some elements can be different.
Here is a selection:

  • Juggling with 7 balls while balancing on the Rola-bola or with up to 5 clubs
  • Shakercup juggling
  • Stiltsacrobatics
  • Tightrope acrobatics (free standing tightrope construction or slack rope)
  • Club juggling from a high unicycle (giraffe) to a unsupported ladder or to stilts
  • Torch swinging (choreography of fire circles and music)
  • Chapeaugraphy (in breath taking speed a simple ring made of filth is formed into all kinds of hats and a fitting character is presented)

All the time the fun and entertainment of the audience is most important to us.
The program can be performed on stage as well as on the street if you tell us in advance.


Two actors
Please ask for our “technical rider”
Performing as a walkact is also possible (on demand)

Genre: entertainment, comedyshow, artistry, physical theater, puns

Schedule: stageshow (7-45 minutes, can be split up, too) and streetshow (circleshow, 30 minutes); full evening´s program in combination with the “The Service Superheroes”

Occasion: gala, commercial event, incentive, exhibition, music hall, street festival, street theatre festival, private event, birthday party, wedding, jubilee, carnival, promotion

Language: German, English, Italian, French, Bavarian

It depends on how to bring it!