Happy Waiting – The Hotline for the Art of Waiting

An interactive art installation on the subject of waiting.

The Phonebox

There’s an old English phonebox on your premises. What is there to discover? Curious, your guests crowd into the queue and wait. Only those who are patient enough will be rewarded with an intimate call to the hotline and other surprises in the phonebox.

The Office

Finally a waiting room where you like to wait! After drawing an official waiting ticket, your guests wait patiently for their appointment with the consultant. How long the waiting takes and what the spectators can expect while waiting is not yet revealed here!

Everything comes to a good end for those who can wait!

In both installative service-performances, the telephone number of the hotline is communicated to the waiting audience. When called on the hotline, the guests land in a modular, interactive telephone radio play on the subject of waiting.

The hotline menu offers numerous options

  • Take a break and “wait” for yourself
  • Tips to use your time efficiently
  • Practising patience
  • Chilling
  • Waste time

In a quiet zone, which is set up next to the office or the telephone-box, the spectators on the phone can relax and philosophize about the waiting while waiting.
In addition, the actors on site support the guests in queuing and twiddling their thumbs.

A production of the service pioneers in cooperation with foolpool.

Videos – Happy Waiting

Photos – Happy Waiting


Call and test a short version of the hotline: 0180 3 105 105 (German number and language)

English language available (but not as teaser).
Costs for a call to the hotline:

  • Within Germany: 9 cent/min from a landline, up to 42 cent/min from a mobile network.
  • Outside Germany: plus telephone connection to Germany.

The number for the complete demo version of Happy Waiting is available on request.


Audience Award Schauspiel Köln, Festival “The City of Tomorrow”(2017)
German Call Center Award 2017 (CCV Quality Award) Category Image Promotion
Link to a press release in the call center trade magazine “SQUT” (p. 32-35)

More Informations

Number of actors: The Phonebox 2, The Office 3

Duration: Up to 6 hours. The players take turns in supporting the installation. The telephone hotline can be reached non-stop at your event. 

Content: By default, approx. 20 minutes of sound and text material are stored. However, you can help design the hotline according to your own wishes: In addition to the existing radio play elements, store important information about your event that you want to communicate to your guests via mobile phone call.

Genre: Art installation, performance, hotline, infotainment

Program: Be used as permanent installation, mobile performance, information / knowledge / service and entertainment module

Occasion: Big Event, Concert, Fair, Incentive, Business Opening, Gala Event, Company Celebration, Event, Theatre Festival, Music Festival, Amusement Park, State Garden Show and all other places where people are waiting in queues

Language: German or English by default. The hotline can also be produced in other languages on request and at an extra charge

Other: Long-term installation, also without actors by arrangement

Why do I always end up in the slowest queue?