W-ART – The Hotline for the Art of Waiting

A production of the Servicepioniere (Servicepioneers) in coorporation with foolpool.

W-ART is an art installation for festivals and events!
W-ART is the first telephone hotline where you can wait more nicely!
W-ART helps to relax with a wink, waiting times in waiting halls or queues!

W-ART was awarded the German Call Center Prize (CCV Quality Award 2017).

Call and test a short version of the W-ART hotline: 0180 3 105 105 (German number and language)

English language available (but not as teaser).
Costs for a call to the W-ART Hotline:

  • Within Germany: 9 cent/min from a landline, up to 42 cent/min from a mobile network.
  • Outside Germany: plus telephone connection to Germany.

The number for the complete demo version of W-ART is available on request.

Video W-ART The Art of  Waiting

W-ART as Live-Performance with Art Installation
A live performance with actors and curious situations

The W-ART Oasis
Every festival or event needs quiet zones where its guests can retreat and relax.
The W-ART giant letters developed by us are not only an eye-catcher, but can also be used as walk-in furniture. While chilling, the spectators call the W-ART hotline or discover hidden details and surprises about waiting in and on the letters.

The W-ART Phonebox
There’s an old English phonebox on your premises. What is there to discover? Curious, your guests crowd into the queue and wait. Only those who are patient enough will be rewarded with an intimate call to the W-ART hotline and other surprises in the phonebox.
Everything comes to a good end for those who can wait!

The W-ART Room
Finally a waiting room where you like to wait! After drawing an official W-ART waiting ticket, your guests wait patiently for their appointment with the W-ART consultant. How long the waiting takes and what the spectators can expect while waiting is not yet revealed here!

All three installations are suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


W-ART as Service Design Installation

Nobody likes to wait, especially not at bus stops, train stations, airports, tourist attractions or museums.
Shorten your customers and visitors perceived waiting time with a personal, surprising and innovative service idea:
Communicate the number of the W-ART hotline and encourage your guests to call.

With a wink you can relax annoying waiting situations!

W-ART is an art service

  • That is fun to use
  • That delivers conversation material
  • That encourages you to stay a while
  • That can be customized to your needs

Attention guaranteed!
In waiting rooms, the number can be communicated via LED boxes, screens or chair covers on which the call request is presented.
There is also the option of projecting the W-ART number into the air as a moving, three-dimensional holographic image.


Development history of W-ART

We developed the first W-ART prototype in the summer of 2017 with the creative team of service pioneers (formerly servicekomplizen) for the theatre cologne (Schauspiel Köln) as part of the festival “The City of Tomorrow”.

At a fictitious bus stop, those present waited for a bus that never arrived. While waiting, they could reflect on the waiting by calling the W-ART hotline and talk to other people.

The hotline menu offered various options:
You could learn to use your time efficiently or take a break and “wait” yourself.
In addition there was the possibility to practice patience, hang out or be connected live with a personal W-Art consultant.

At the bus stop there was also a W-Art Info with various additional services:
The waiting people could attend shortest workshops in line, twiddling their thumbs and wasting their time and have their waiting knowledge checked at the W-ART Academy.

QR codes were hidden in the vicinity of the bus stop, which provided further information and research material on the subject of waiting with the help of one’s own mobile phone.

Note for organizers and companies

W-ART was created in cooperation with the service designer Claudia Saar.
Since 2018, we have been developing the basic concept of W-ART independently of each other.


W-ART won the Audience Award at the Open Call of Schauspiel Köln for the festival “The City of Tomorrow” (2017).
W-ART was awarded the German Call Center Award 2017 (CCV Quality Award) in the image promotion category.

Link to a press report in the call center magazine “SQUT” (p. 32-25).

W-ART was developed in cooperation with the Cologne-based communications service provider Jäger + Schmitter DIALOG.

Number of actors by arrangement

Duration: The telephone hotline is available non-stop at your event. Working hours of the call center agent and performers by arrangement

Content: By default, approximately 45 minutes of audio and text material are stored. However, you can design the hotline according to your own wishes: In addition to the existing radio play elements, store important information about your event that you want to convey to your guests via mobile phone call or place a competition. In addition to the mobile W-ART consultants, the telephone number is communicated to the guests with posters, flyers or in the programme booklet. Ideal for events and places with waiting situations

Genre: Art installation, performance, hotline, infotainment

Program: be used as permanent installation, mobile performance, information / knowledge / service and entertainment module

Occasion: Big Event, Concert, Fair, Incentive, Business Opening, Gala Event, Company Celebration, Event, Theatre Festival, Music Festival, Amusement Park, State Garden Show and all other places where people are waiting in queues

Language: German or English by default. The hotline can flexibly be adapted to all desired languages

Why do I always end up in the slowest queue?