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Special for exhibitions and your booth we offer you following concepts and possibilities for your advertisement:

Flyer (please contact us to send the flyer by email)

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  • foolpool exhibition “The Gentlemen”.pdf
  • foolpool exhibition “The Jabbers”.pdf
  • foolpool exhibition “Stilts”.pdf
  • foolpool exhibition “Presentation”.pdf
  • foolpool exhibition “Branding”.pdf

Video – Example of a special showproduction for a fair trade booth

Why foolpool at your fair trade booth?

At important international exhibitions it is a huge challenge for any company to present the stand better, more attractive and bigger than all the other companies.

Some creativity is necessary to attract the attention of the visitors to your own stand.

foolpool offers a wide range of shows and eyecatchers to attract attention to your stand.

The concept of our group is that all shows are developed in cooperation to find the best way to present your products and your company.

Do not underestimate the importance of some subtle messages sent by different shows.

“The Gentlemen” for example convey a safe feeling: we are strong, big, reliable, but because of the way how we act, we also convey a smooth atmosphere of smart and experienced professionals and experts.

Each show holds special attributes fitting to your company: “The Quassler” are science fiction extraterrestrials emphasizing the forward-looking visions of your company.

Acting like one of your staff members or wearing your companies costumes, logos, or trademarks, carrying around your products may even increase the effect of your presentation.

foolpool also offers to work together with your advertisement department people for an exchange of experiences. Together we can create a fitting concept for the best presentation of your company.

Your own ideas will be tailor made by our experienced costume designers and craftsmen.